• “Ebru is the dance of color with the water”. We start making ebru by preparing our kitre.
  • It takes us about 3 days to prepare our kitre (a gum like substance).
  • The amount of water needed depends on the technique we will use.
  • After getting the right mixture, we close our tray with a paper so that it doesn’t dry.
  • We need to stir and mix our pigments for 1.5 hours with a special technique to make the paints, and then we let them stand in a jar for about 1-2 months. Afterwards, the paint is ready to use.
  • We take a teaspoonful of paint to and put in an empty jar
  • In order to ensure that the paint stay above the kitre and to control the size of paint drops, we need to pour a little water and ‘sigir ödü’ (ox-gall) in the paint
  • The marbler drops the paint onto the surface of the water, but not arbitrarily; each type of ebru requires different drops
  • Ebru marblers make their own brushes
  • Next, the marbler brings their homemade horsehair brushes to the studio
  • After drawing the desired pattern, the tray is covered by an offset paper which is half to 1 cm smaller than the tray
  • The marbler needs to be careful that there are no air bubbles between the tray and the paper when laying the paper on the water
  • After 5-10 seconds, the paper should be taken from the tray
  • The paper should be laid out on a clean surface to dry
  • To make Ebru properly, it is imperative to receive training from a master (usta) Ebru artist.
  • Each drop of paint on the water transferred onto a paper can not be called Ebru. Ebru is a very mystical art and it needs to reflect the soul of the marbler.
  • Each pattern can only be transferred to a paper once; that is why every piece of Ebru is original and unique.
  • The marbler drops paint onto the tray, executes a preset pattern but is not sure of what the results will be on the paper (in other words there is an element of surprise). Hence, each transfer from the tray to the paper excites the artist. Ebru requires patience, but the final piece thrills the marbler.
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