Opened in 2002 in Alanya and moved to Uçhisar , Cappadocia ın 2007.  We make classic Turkish ebru in our Uçhisar studio. We make customized ebru by special orders, these can include unique Turkish motifs, such as whirling dervishes, ceramic tiles, etc.

During a visit to Naile  Art Gallery you can purchase completed pieces of ebru art. Our guests can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee as we tell them about the art of making ebru and Turkish culture. Since Naile Art Gallery is located in a touristic area, most of our customers are foreigners.

If you are interested in learning ebru, please contact us for more information about our classes and our ebru materials. We design special projects for primary and high school students to help them improve their manual skills. We also organize special events to introduce the art of ebru to students at primary or high schools or to children in kindergarten.

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